Molo11 was born in 2011

Thanks to the incredible care for detail, the unmatched sensibility in the use and combination of colors and the high overall quality of its products, Molo11 very quickly became a household name amongst top fashion stores around the world.

Molo11, in many ways, is a modern interpretation of iconic clothing items that have paved the history of the fashion industry over the last decennia. Every single item is a true expression of the identity and the originality of the brand.

Together, as a collection, they transmit versatility, but with a strong personality

The overall result is “Wardrobe need” … That what you cannot do without in your wardrobe

As of September 2018, Molo11 is being produced and distributed by Crime, a leading Italian clothing company with a long and successful history of producing and delivering high quality garments to clients around the world.
Italian product